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Transportation Week

Updated: May 8, 2020

  • Transportation Sorting Activity (pages 1-2)

  • Transportation Pattern Activity (page 3)

  • Odd One Out! (page 4)

  • Trace and Count (pages 5-7)

  • Tracing (page 8)

  • Transportation Puzzle Card (pages 9-11)

  • Math Worksheets (pages 12-13)

  • Writing Practice (page 14)

  • Tracing (15-16)

  • Vocabulary Cards (pages 17-18)

  • Shadow matching (pages 19-20)

  • Counting Activity (pages 21-23)

  • Puzzle Cards (page 24)

  • Counting (page 25)

  • Spelling (pages 26-27)

  • Direction sorting (page 28)

  • Color and Tracing (pages 29-31)

  • Sequencing Buses (page 32)

  • Color by Number (page 33)

  • Sound Activity (page 34)

  • Tracing worksheets (pages 35-40) Matching (page 41)

  • Writing (page 42)

  • Matching (page 43)

  • Circle and Identify (page 44)

  • Matching (pages 45-46)

  • Circle and Identify (page 47-48)

  • Transportation Worksheet (page 49)

Monday, May 4 Main Lesson: Transportation

Children love activities that include playing with all types of transportation theme items including vehicles such as cars, trains, trucks, airplanes and more. This topic is part of their everyday lives. They drive or walk to school, have seen or ridden on a bus or taken an airplane to go on vacation. We may be on stay at home orders right now but this will be a fun week to explore as we talk about all the ways people travel and use our imagination to go to the places we want to go! In this unit, will be thinking critically on how people move from place to place using vehicles and other methods of transportation.

Transportation : is a general word for all the methods people use to move themselves and their goods from one place to another. Just as they have for thousands of years, people today rely on walking to travel short distances. For longer distances, people depend on animals, bicycles, automobiles, trucks, railroads, ships, and airplanes.

And We all go Traveling By song from this morning's class:

Youtube Songs:

Art Project Ideas:

Miss Daniela doing our "C is for Car" Craft

Book Ideas:

Tuesday, May 5

Main Lesson: Air Transportation

Air transportation is the movement of passengers and freight by any conveyance that can sustain controlled flight.

We have airplanes, jets, blimps, helicopters, gliders, balloons, biplanes and so much more ways for traveling through our skies!

Youtube Songs:

Art Project Ideas:

Book Ideas:

Wednesday, May 6

Main Lesson: Land Transportation

Land transportation is the movement of people, animals, and goods from one location to another on land.

Several systems of land transport have been devised, from the most basic system of humans carrying things from place to sophisticated networks of ground-based transportation utilizing different types of vehicles and infrastructure. The three types are human-powered, animal powered and machine powered

Youtube Songs:

Art Project Ideas:

Book Ideas:

Thursday, May 7

Main Lesson: Water Transportation

Water transportation refers to all the transport made over a body of water, such as a lake, an ocean, a sea, a river, or a canal.

There are various types of water vehicles. These include cruise ships, racing boats, off-road riding boats, windsurfer boats, riverboats, jet skis, battleships, raft boats, canoes, ferries, yachts, submarines, as well as tugboats.

Youtube Songs:

Art Project Ideas:

Book Ideas:

Friday, May 8

Main Lesson: What's your favorite mode of transportation?

When you travel, do you prefer to fly or let the train take the strain? Or do you enjoy getting your legs moving while you run or walk to your destination? Show us your favorite mode of transportation! This week we asked our families to share video clips of their favorite mode of transportation. We have so many modes of transportation to choose from and so feel free to get creative!

Listed are our favorite modes of transportation:

bicycle, scooter, car, ice skating, horseback riding, motor scooter, train, hot air balloon, ship, surfboard, unicorn!, golf cart, and airplane.

Youtube Song:

Art Project Ideas:

Book Ideas:

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