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Community Helpers Week

Updated: May 16, 2020


community helpers worksheets
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Community workers are very important. They make communities cleaner, safer and more pleasant for other people. They do many different things to help us every day. They provide us with goods (products we use) and services (things they do for us). Community helpers include construction workers, dentist, librarians, grocery store workers, teachers, doctors, nurses, chefs, bakers, astronauts, soldiers, dentist, mail carriers, bus drivers, coaches, babysitters, fishermen, plumbers, firefighters, farmers, librarians, volunteers, and more. Think of all the people in your community who do these jobs.

Monday, May 18

Main Lesson: Community Helpers that Keep us Healthy

Doctors and nurses are community helpers. They help keep people healthy. Nurses and doctors work together to treat people’s illnesses and injuries. You might visit a nurse or a doctor for a well checkup, if you are feeling sick, or if you get hurt.

Nurses and doctors work in doctor’s offices and in hospitals. They have many tools to help them do their job. They use a stethoscope to listen to a patient’s heart and lungs. They might have to use an x-ray machine. Sometimes they give people medicine to make them feel better. Nurses and Doctors have an important job. They help keep people in our communities healthy and well.

Dentists are community helpers. They help us to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Dentist can clean our teeth and fix any tooth that might hurt us. They use special tools to work like mouth mirror, sickle probe, suction device, dental drill, etc. Dentists help keep people in our community healthy.

Veterinarians are community helpers. A vet is a doctor who takes care of animals in our communities. He does many things, like give animals shots, and help them have their babies. Some vets work at an office, a zoo, or travel to where they are needed.

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Tuesday, May 19

Main Lesson: Community Workers Who Keep Us Safe

Firefighters are community helpers. A firefighter works at a fire station. A firefighter wears special clothes to help protect them from the fire. Firefighters drive a fire engine. The fire truck carries many important tools. These tools help the firefighters to put out the fires. Firefighters are always ready to help others.

Police Officers are important people because they help keep us safe. Police officers are people who work to protect our cities and towns. They make sure people follow the laws. When people break the law, police officers make take those people to jail in their police car or give them a ticket. Being a police officer can be a dangerous job. To be a police officer, you will need training. You should be brave and like to work with people. Police officers have a very important job in our community.

Crossing guards are community workers. They help people cross busy streets safely. They wear bright colored clothing and vests so that everyone can see them and they do not get hurt. Most crossing guards also carry stop signs so that cars know when to stop. Crossing guards have a very important job. They must always be alert.

Lifeguards are community helpers. A lifeguard watches over and protects people while they are swimming in the swimming pool or in the ocean at the beaches. They have they lifeguard tower and sit on their lifeguard chair to watches people. They use a megaphone to make people hear to their instructions and when they always have their life preserver ready.

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Wednesday, May 20

Main Lesson: Community Helpers Who Teach Us & Community Helpers That Feed Us

Community Helpers Who Teach Us

Teachers are community workers. Teachers work in schools and their job is to help us learn many things. Some teachers teach us how to read, how to write and how to do math. Some teachers teach us about places, other people, and how to be good students.

Librarians are community workers. They take care of many of the books in our communityblibrary. Librarians keep the books clean and organize so we can find the one we are looking for quickly. They help us to find books or suggest one we might like.

Community Helpers That Feed Us Chefs are community workers. They cook or bakes at their job. A chef may work at a restaurant and makes you food when you order. They wear special clothes and a hat to keep hair from getting in the food they are cooking.

A farmer is a person that works on a farm. A farmer grows crops, like vegetables and fruits. A farmer can also get milk from cows; some farmers raise animals like chickens, pigs or cows. A farmer works hard to make sure his crops and animals are growing. A farmer has to work in the heat, cold, snow, and rain. Farmers plant, water, and harvest their crops. Harvest means to gather the crops when they are grown. Markets and stores get their fruits and vegetables from farmers and there is where we buy our food. Farmers are very important community workers because they help us grow our food.

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Art Project Idea: *Farmer Puppet Page 24 of our PRINTABLES*

Book Ideas:

Thursday, May 21

Main Lesson: Community Helpers Who keep our streets clean & Community Workers That Build Our City

Community Helpers who keep our Streets Slean

A Garbage Collector is a community helper. They always make sure our community stays clean. They drive a huge and cool garbage truck that helps them to collect the garbage when you put it out by the side of the road.

Community Workers That Build Our City Construction workers are community helpers. They work all around the community. Construction workers build new buildings, houses, britches, and they can also make or fix roads for us. Construction workers are very important to our community because they turn roads safe to drive on.

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Friday, May 22

Main Lesson: Community Helpers That Keep Us Connected & More Community Helpers!

Community Helpers That Keep Us Connected

Mail carriers are community helpers. A mail carrier delivers mail to home and business. Mail carrier pick up the envelopes and packages at the post office. They put the mail into their mail truck and deliver the mail to every place in their route. Mail carriers place a mail into a mailbox and they deliver mail in all types of weather.

Bus drivers are community workers They usually pick up and drop off passengers at bus stations, where passengers buy tickets. They are important community helpers because they help many people to move from place to another. Also, school bus drivers help many children to get to their school every morning. That is how they service the community.

Pilots help people travel and get to a place far away. Pilots fly through the air in a plane to get people to their destinations. More Community Helpers! Lawyers are community helpers. They work to help people understand the law. Lawyers help people to justice and can also help people when something bad has happened to them.

Hairdressers are community workers. They work in a beauty salon or a barber shop. They give people new hairstyles and cut their hair using special tools like scissors, straight razors, electric clippers, and trimmers.

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