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After training and teaching in the Montessori schools for years, Joanne O'Neil purchased this Montessori School in 1993. Since then Joanne O’Neil has worked to create a nurturing environment with proven educational methods as a basis for optimal early childhood development, and the result is a thriving educational facility where the children love to learn.

Because the Montessori Method revolves around individualized learning, the quality of your child’s experience is directly related to the educational style of the school’s administration. La Jolla Village Montessori School’s Director, Joanne O’Neil, combines her love of children and their development, with a high level of capability gained by real—world, hands—on expertise and thorough Montessori training, to create an educational environment which is both nurturing and quantifiably productive.

Growing up with 5 sisters in Dartmouth, MA, Ms O’Neil began developing her love of child supervision and education in her teens, when she spent her summers working as a camp counselor and frequent babysitter. However, her enthusiasm for the Montessori Method for teaching young children began in 1979, when she traveled to Katmandu, Nepal and volunteered for 1 month at a Montessori school in Nepal.

In 1980, Ms O’Neil relocated to San Diego, earned her Montessori credential through the American Montessori Society in 1984, and worked as a teacher’s assistant at the Montessori Child Development Center in Poway in 1984-1985. From 1985-1989, she taught at the Montessori School of La Jolla, and, after taking a few years off to be a stay—at—home mom to her 2 children, Joanne O’Neil bought the school in 1993 and became its Director. In 2010, the school was renamed La Jolla Village Montessori School.

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