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Admission Procedures:

  • Tour the School (in order to get a first hand look at the Montessori Method and a better understanding of its implementation).

  • Submit Enrollment Form together with Registration Fee (which will place you on our waitlist).

  • Receive confirmation of availability (Submitting your application does not in itself guarantee your spot, you must receive a formal confirmation from us).

  • Once a spot is confirmed, place a non-refundable deposit to secure your child's spot.

Admission Time Frames:
We offer rolling admission throughout the year, however here are a few time frames that are useful to know:

  • We allow both Fall and January entrance dates, provided there is availability. Availability in January may be more limited, as it depends on the number of children who will be transitioning.

  • Our Re-enrollment Period runs during the month of February.

  • Those on our Waitlist usually receive a response soon after our re-enrollment period which ends mid February.



The following priorities are used in determining admission and placement:

  • Currently Enrolled Students

  • Siblings of Currently Enrolled Students

  • Transfers from other Montessori programs

  • Proportionate balance of ages in each classroom

  • Date Application was received (Waitlist Status)

Waitlist Policies:

If classes are full, prospective students will be put on a waiting list. Returning students will be given priority over new students on the waiting list. The waiting list follows certain priority guidelines in addition to those mentioned above. They are as follows:

  • Priority is given to siblings of currently enrolled students

  • Priority is given to students entering in Fall (September) over Winter (January)

  • Priority is given to Full Day students over Half Day students

To request more information:

Contact us

Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm


Fax: (858)352-6437

You can also request more information with this form:

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