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LJVMS Blog During School Closure

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Our dedicated La Jolla Village Montessori School staff created this blog for families to reference during this closure.

With the support and creativity of the staff, we have compiled lesson plans, activities, and material in line with our Curriculum Calendar that will allow children to continue their work at home. We greatly appreciate your support and patience as we do our best to navigate this unprecedented situation.

And just a side note: this blog isn't intended to turn you all into homeschool teachers. It's totally fine to just relax and really be with your child-that's the most important thing right now. Enjoy this unexpected time together. Everyone has so much on their plate as it is, we just want to provide resources to relieve any weight felt from our school closure. It's going to be ok and I'm sure you all are doing a great job.

We miss you all.

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1 Comment

Mar 19, 2020

Will the teachers be doing any video/zoom live teaching with the kids during this time away from school?

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