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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Below is a modified version of our school daily schedule. Order and consistency will be helpful for the next few weeks. Establishing routines and learning to stick to them will really help you and your child to be able to work independently and feel more confident in knowing what comes next.

Our Morning ZOOM Session @9 will consist of:

  • Good Morning Circle

  • Spanish Lesson

  • Main Lesson

Our Morning Meeting ID could be found here:

Our Afternoon ZOOM Session @12:30 will consist of:

  • Yoga Time

  • Story Time

Our Afternoon Meeting ID could be Found here:

* Main Lesson/Circle is our time when the class gathers around to talk about the calendar, the weather, sing songs, read a book, and also talk about the lessons of the day. Feel free to get on the floor with your child for this part as we do at school.

* Ideas during Work Time at home could be found on our other blog posts.

* We’re offering ideas, materials, and activities in line with our Curriculum Calendar. Please see our Curriculum Calendars below:

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