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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of the mind comes from movement.” – Maria Montessori

Yoga, like Montessori education, is a process of discovery. A mindful, non-competitive exercise, emphasising movement and breathing and the connection of body and mind, it helps students of any age to understand our own nature and live harmoniously with others.

Yoga with Miss Kate

Try using this guide for ABCs of Yoga for kids shown below! Children have a lot of fun learning new positions, new letters, and new ideas.

Interested in learning more about ABCs of Yoga for Kids, please follow this link below:

Yoga with Miss Aimeé 4.6.2020

Yoga with Miss Aimeé 4.7.2020

Yoga with Miss Aimeé 4.8.2020

Yoga with Miss Aimeé 4.9.2020

Yoga with Miss Daniela 4.13.2020

Yoga with Miss Daniela 4.15.2020

Yoga with Miss Daniela 4.20.2020

Earth Day Yoga with Miss Daniela 4.22.2020

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