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Geography: World, North America, and United States Maps

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

In both classrooms the children have been working on identifying and coloring the continents and oceans of the world and in some cases the countries of North America. Additionally, the Monarch class children have been working on maps of the United States. Attached are maps that will allow you to do this work at home.

In the Montessori classroom we use a very specific color scheme for each continent/country/state (the children know about this and will surely correct you if you suggest the wrong color!). The colors for the world map can be found here: The colors for the North America map here: The colors for the United States here:

If you have chalk at home, you can extend this activity and draw the world map (or one of the others) outside with your child (see attached photos). All of these activities also lend themselves to helping the child write the names for and label each continent/country/state.

Below are pictures of Miss Eleana's son, Patrick, during his geography lesson:

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