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Practical Life

Updated: May 7, 2020

Engage your child in these practical life activities

Please do not be afraid to allow your child to get involved and help out. Yes, it will take a bit longer, you may have to help out a bit and it may not be perfect however, with practice over the next few weeks you will see a noticeable difference and your child will take pride in his or her accomplishments.

It is best to start your routine from the moment your child wakes .

  • Getting washed

  • Brushing teeth

  • Brushing or combing hair

  • Getting dressed by themselves – This is the perfect time to practice putting on socks, zipping and buttoning. Folding their pajamas and putting them away.

  • Making their bed

  • Eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner together

  • Have your child help prepare the meals. Review with them the food pyramid, identify the fruits, proteins and vegetables.

  • Washing produce

  • pouring the milk or juice (you could first put it in a smaller pitcher to make it easier for them to handle)

  • Mixing and measuring ingredients

  • Practice cracking an egg

  • Guide your child while he/she is setting the table, counting the napkins, plates, glasses and needed silverware

  • Practice grace and courtesy (napkin on your lap, we chew our food with our mouth closed and it is time for quiet conversation. We stay seated in our chair while eating. If they have a spill, it is ok they can wipe or sweep it up themselves.

  • Allow your child to help clean up- clear the table, wash the table, (yes you may have to go over it again) dry the dishes, load the dishwasher and sweep the floor if needed

  • Engage your child in helping with the laundry (Folding kitchen cloths, cloth napkins, and face towels.

  • Setting the dial and choosing the water temperature

  • Measuring and pouring in the soap

  • Introduce the clock

  • Time on the clock. "How many minutes will it take?"

  • When it is time, have your child help put the cloths in the dryer

  • Water the plants inside as well as outside

  • Polish the leaves of the indoor plants with water and a cotton ball

  • Wiping down the leaves of a plant.

  • Watering plants.

  • Folding laundry (dish cloths, cloth napkins, face towels).

  • Hand washing for 20 seconds.

  • Sweeping the floors.

  • Washing and drying dishes.

  • Food prepping (Washing produce, peeling, slicing, chopping, mixing, mashing, etc.).

  • Dusting. Place a tube sock on your child’s arm and allow them to dust shelves, vases, and other items around the house.

  • Dressing Board alternatives at home using clothing: Buttoning and unbuttoning, zipping and unzipping, tying and untying, buckling and unbuckling, snapping and unsnapping etc.

  • More hand washing for 20 seconds.


Pouring grains to different cups

Passing water with a sponge

Using a Funnel

Cleaning our plant

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