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Phonetic Sounds

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Here is an idea for children to continue working on their sounds. Follow this link for a set of printable alphabet cards that parents can cut out and use to review the sounds with their children:

Reminder that we teach the alphabet phonetically. Meaning we don't teach the name of each letter but rather their phonetic sounds. Attached are two handouts that will help parents identify the phonetic sound for each letter.

Parents can use these tools to review the sounds with their children one by one. We also suggest that for each sound they try to identify objects in their house that start with that sound.

Another fun sound game to play is for them to assemble a group of objects and play "I Spy." So looking at this group of objects the parent would say "I spy an object that starts with the sound 'a'. The child then has to guess that object (e.g. apple).

Miss Karla teaching the 'S' Sound.

Miss Karla teaching the 'C' Sound.

Miss Karla teaching the 'C', 'S', 'M' Sound

Teach Letter Sounds using Montessori Principles

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